April In Print
An Eastlake apartment invites guests to interact with art.
Music isn't just beautiful, it can change the way our brains function at any age.
Meat & Bread opens 
a Seattle outpost.

Most Recent

Blake Haygood's work blends entropy, disorder andrandomness with hope and humor.
Artist and curator 
Julia Greenway considers consumption in everything she does.
Seattle stage hit 'Kittens in a Cage' has landed...
Wes Hurley brings his all-star cast back to 'Capitol...
The owner of Joe Bar is as much a beloved Capitol Hill...
Acme Farms + Kitchen brings a Northwest focus to the...
Five can’t-miss tracks from the PNW
Kruse's debut novel gives an episodic perspective on...

Things Are Changing!

Instead of doing this year, we've decided to spread the fun throughout the year. We'll borrow the most unique parts of the fest to create a series of events that celebrate the vibrant local arts community. Stay Tuned! Tell me more